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    Devils Never cry

    Não sou mais novato
    Não sou mais novato

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    Devils Never cry

    Mensagem por Sr.will em 2010-07-16, 11:27

    Devils Never Cry

    Steal a soul for a second chance
    But you will never become a man

    My chosen torture makes me stronger
    In a life that craves the hunger
    A Freedom and a quest for life
    Until the end the judgment night

    Bless me with your gift of light
    Righteous cause on judgment night
    Feel the sorrow the light has swallowed
    Feel the freedom like no tomorrow

    Stepping forth a cure for soul’s demise
    Reap the tears of the victim's cries
    Yearning more to hear the suffer (of a)
    Of a demon as I put it under

    Killed before, a time to kill them all
    Passed down the righteous law
    Serve a justice that dwells in me
    Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see

    The eye can see
    The eye can see
    The eye can see
    The eye can see
    The eye can see

    Bless me with the
    Leaf off of the tree
    On it I see
    The freedom reign

    We are falling
    The light is calling
    Tears inside me
    Calm me down

    Midnight calling
    Mist of resolving
    Crown me, with the
    Pure green leaf

    Praise to my father
    Blessed by the water
    Black night, dark sky
    The devil's cry
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    Super Popular

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    Re: Devils Never cry

    Mensagem por BloodSour em 2013-02-28, 22:22

    Devil may cry' -sqn
    To começando a aparecer
    To começando a aparecer

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    Re: Devils Never cry

    Mensagem por Srto.Tyler em 2013-03-22, 11:06

    Very Happy Rsrsrsrsrsr......

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